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A brief outline on the law regarding escorting in the UK

To some people it’s still a surprise to hear that escorting is entirely legal in the UK. But for many years now, men who book escorts and the working girls that provide a service do it relatively unscathed for the law. In fact, you hear more often scandals about the escorts in the industry getting arrested for not paying their taxes instead of plying illicit trade. This is because it’s entirely legal to spend time in the company of an escort, provided you take a few simple precautions.

Escort law in the UK

  • Provided the escort himself/herself is 18 years old, it is possible for them to advertise their services online or through a media outlet, some few newspapers still take out classified ads.
  • When advertising your services it’s become important to use some discretion and subtlety, which is why special terms to describe specific services have been created, and outright sexual content is something that can potentially get you in trouble.
  • Soliciting your services in a public place is completely illegal in the UK, and thus why most of the industry is online. For example, if you wanted to book an escort in London your best best would be to find a local London punting directory, that’s where all the girls will put up their ads. You can get yourself started by visiting¬†
  • Paying for sex is not illegal, but in regards to personal protection if you book an escort it’s a good idea to hand her in a nondescript envelope and not to flaunt it around.

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Laws and escorting: What to watch out for as a customer

  • Brothels. A location with more than one escort working out of it can be considered a brothel which is not really somewhere you want to be unless you know exactly what you are doing. Brothels can be taken down by the police and whether they decide to make your life a living hell for visiting or not is up to them. Generally these places are safe as long as they fly under the radar.
  • Curb Crawling. Soliciting an escort from a corner used to be the way of things but it’s still illegal and you can expect to pay a hefty fine if you get caught doing this. What’s the point when you can shop online anyway? Not worth the risk.
  • Ultimately you only need maintain a level head and a discrete attitude if you want to go out and book escorts in the UK and you should always be fine. However, if you do want to learn more about the specific laws regarding escorting here’s some expert advice.

In conclusion: Escorting is legal in the UK.

It’s surprising how few individuals actually know this truth, many people stumble across escort related websites and assume it’s a scam or a way to get a Russian internet order bride.

These independent escorts and agencies are all real, and you can really book girls from them. Cool eh?

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